NOZOVENT throat spray helps to dampen snoring. It moisturizes the tissue at the back of the palate and the upper part of the pharynx. When the moisture in the mucosa increases, the elasticity of the tissue is improved. The vibrations are therefore reduced, together with the noise of snoring, and sleep is enhanced and undisturbed. Food supplement.


NOZOVENT nasal strips dilate the narrowest area in the soft tissues in the nasal channels and therefore facilitates breathing through the nose. The physiologically beneficial nasal breathing is made easier, the oxygenation of the lungs is improved, snoring is reduced and sleep quality is enhanced. Medical device Class I.


NOZOVENT Classic is a nasal dilator manufactured from safe, hygienic polyesteramide plastic. Nozovent opens the nostrils for unobstructed nasal breathing to reduce the risk of snoring. Medical device Class I.